CloudPay and Visa to improve payroll services

CloudPay and Visa to improve payroll services

CloudPay, global employee pay provider, has partnered with Visa to reduce payroll payment cycles.

CloudPay CEO Paul Bartlett Shares Details About $58 Million Funding Round

Paul Bartlett, CloudPay’s CEO, discusses the details of their $58 million round of VC funding with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque. They also discuss CloudPay’s global payroll tech and approach to financial wellness.

CloudPay & Workday HCM – End-to-End Global Payroll Integration

CloudPay’s platform allows for intelligent global payroll processing across 130+ countries.. We maximize efficiencies through intelligent robotic process automation, configurable data validation, and certified Workday integration (PICOF & PECI) that reduce errors, ensure that your international payroll is optimized, and provide bi-directional data flows for employee self service and analysis. Learn more at

CloudPay – Rethink Global Payroll

Don’t let yesterday’s solutions slow you down. See how CloudPay can unify global payroll, standardize global payments and revolutionize employee pay flexibility.

Overview of CloudPay’s Payroll Implementation Process

A short video that walks prospective customers through CloudPay’s standardized and time-tested approach to global payroll implementation.

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