FloodFlash collects £1.9m to support upcoming platform launch

FloodFlash collects £1.9m to support upcoming platform launch

FloodFlash, an insurance platform focused on risk of flooding, has collected £1.9m in its seed funding round.

Renewable Energy Communities

In the eighth virtual network gathering of Climate Ambassadors we were joined by three guest speakers:
– Dr. Orla Nic Suibhne (Local Energy Communities)
– Derry O’Donnell (Community Power)
– Paul Kenny (Tipperary Energy Agency)

Businesses that Never Fail? 6 Businesses with Amazingly Low Failure Rates [Backed by Data]

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Huge Youtube Change Just Ruined Many Channels

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Unbelievable Etsy facts Revealed – Don’t Start Selling Without Watching This!

In this video, I will share information on what to expect as a new Etsy store owner and the stats to help you understand your chances of making it on Etsy.

The reality is that not everyone can make a #living or #passiveincome selling on Etsy. In fact most people will spend a lot of money on courses and other expenses and may even work at a loss.

Whatever your decision, it is important to understand both sides of Etsy, #printondemand and other popular #sidehustle businesses like drop dropshipping.

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Article on Active sellers and performance: https://www.marketplacepulse.com/stats/etsy-number-of-active-sellers
Selling on Etsy in 2023: https://www.ecomcrew.com/selling-on-etsy/
Etsy Reports Q4 and Full year results 2022: https://investors.etsy.com/press-releases/press-release-details/2023/Etsy-Inc.-Reports-Fourth-Quarter-and-Full-Year-2022-Results/default.aspx