How technology can improve wealth transfer

How technology can improve wealth transfer

Wealth transfer is an important topic for all wealth managers, but most fail with it. But what if there was a way to boost retention.

How to start your own online business| Wealth Transfer




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The Great Wealth Transfer of 2023 is Coming | Do This NOW To Prepare

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Wealth Transfer Pt. 2: How Technology Cycles Create More Wealth and the Next $100 Trillion Market

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In this episode, I discuss how each technology cycle creates more wealth for a new group of people. I dig into the coming $100 trillion market, how it’s going to get there as well as where the value is going to come from. I also go over the 6 markets crypto is disrupting, how much wealth is going to be transferred from those markets and the best way to navigate them.

As a bonus to you all, I’ve created a free guide that breaks down the 5 best sectors to invest in right now as well as why crypto will be the largest wealth transfer in our lifetime and how its role in the coming $100 trillion technology boom.

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��The $100 Trillion Boom: Best Sectors to Invest in Today:

Part 1 of this Wealth Transfer Series:

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