Worldr bags seed round to boost compliance in communications platforms

Worldr bags seed round to boost compliance in communications platforms

Worldr, a zero-trust architecture for collaboration and communications platforms, has bagged $11m for its seed round.

Webinar – The Truth About Paperless and Paperlite in Your 135

With today’s technology, part 135 operators are always looking for ways to become more efficient and responsive.

In an industry where time is money and aircraft dispatchability is a key component of your business plan, it only makes sense to reduce the reliance on paper. Reducing the redundancy of multiple systems and data entry points as well as embracing a real-time data culture is a game-changer.

Watch now to learn what it means to be paperless or paperlite in a 135, how Flightdocs customers have made that switch and how it has impacted their operations.

Catalysing and Sustaining Inclusive Ag Transformation: Experiences and Lessons from the Field – NG

Since 2017, AGRA and partners have been implementing a 5 year strategy to catalyse and sustain an inclusive agricultural transformation agenda to enhance productivity and incomes of 1.5 m smallholder farmers and supporting the Government of Nigeria to lead the nation’s agricultural transformation agenda. Over the past four years of implementation, new evidence is beginning to emerge that an inclusive agricultural transformation is indeed achievable.

This webinar features Implementing Partners from 5 components – (i) Seed and Inputs distribution (Dr. Folarin Okelola, NASC), (ii) Extension/Consortia Development (Prof. Sani Miko, SG2000); (iii) Markets & Inclusive Finance (Ayodeji Balogun, CEO, AFEX Nigeria), (iv) Policy and State Capability (Hajiya Halima Lawal, Commissioner for Agriculture, Kaduna State) and (v) Partnerships (Ms. Yemisi Iranloye. MD, Psaltry International). The Speakers will provide learnings on what was broken, what was done to fix the challenges, and the changes occurring, including impact stories and lessons learnt.

Why customers help some companies and hurt others (B2B Growth)

Learn what your B2B company can do to stop being a commodity, embrace customer sentiment for growth, and obtain an unfair advantage.

The commercial internet created all-time high productivity and went a long way to reducing costs
We’ve all assumed that by giving customers endless choice, and enabling ‘self-service’, we made things easier for the customer. Turns out, we didn’t really improve customer satisfaction. And many companies accidentally, on purpose, turned themselves into commodities that are easy to replace.

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Raising $310K PRE-REVENUE for Direct to Consumer Wine with Jake Whitman (Really Good Boxed Wine)

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