French companies led InsurTech deal activity in Europe in Q1 raising nearly half of all transactions

French companies led InsurTech deal activity in Europe in Q1 raising nearly half of all transactions

With the Insurance industry racing to digitalise, France has positioned itself as the front runner for InsurTech funding in Europe. The UK is first in Europe in terms of total value of direct insurance premiums written in 2019, France is a close second. Descartes, who offer data-driven parametric insurance against climate risk, completed the highest […]

How insurers and startups are targeting the growing cyber insurance market

Good news! The insurance industry is starting to recognise the challenges that exist around writing cyber specific policies and, as a result, is working to bridge the gap using data analytics and economic modelling to gain a more accurate risk quantification. This is having a big impact for not only how policies are written, but also who gets to benefit from them. What role is InsurTech playing in this space?
Matthew Grant – Partner, Instech
Eelco Ouwerkerk – Industry Director Wholesale & Retail, Aon
Sarah Stephens – Senior Partner and Head of Cyber, Content and New Technology Risks, JLT Specialty
Sidd Gavirneni – CEO and Co-founder, Zeguro
Andrew Martin – CEO, Dynarisk

Winning with Insurance Ecosystems

Henrik Naujoks, who leads Bain’s Financial Services practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, states that although insurance can be a low-touch industry, ecosystem services can boost customer loyalty, increase revenues and reduce costs.

About Gradatim (the B2B SaaS InsurTech Business)

Gradatim provides modern, customer-centric, SaaS Platform for the insurance and pension industry.
Gradatim a software company that works with major insurers and banks. We dedicate ourselves to changing the Insurance, pension and banking industry using technology. We do that by providing innovative platforms and working with insurers, pension providers and banks to provide the change that is most important for them.
Gradatim MFInsure® Digital Insurance Solution is a flexible SaaS platform that supports all core Life, Non-Life and Health, insurance processes, and seamlessly integrates with Insurers’ own application landscape.
MFInsure® supports front, mid- and back office processes throughout the entire lifecycle of a policy and a claim in an integrated system and through all channels (Internet, extranet, intranet).
MFInsure® is configurable by the business: IT knowledge is not necessary for configuring insurance products.
We bring in Growth. We bring in Scale and we bring digital transformation.
That is currently demonstrated by the over 42 Million policies are currently live on Gradatim MFInsure solutions.
Insurers want help in knowing their customers better. A knowledge that will help create better products. They want to make Processes that is easy for back office teams and as customer friendly as possible.
While the Board is challenging the CXO’s to improve profitability.
At Gradatim we are committed to work with our Insurance customers to make the change they want most.
Gradatim MFInsure is a modern system. Open and build around micro services architecture.
Integrated AI tools assist cross sell and upsell. AI tools that provide customer support assistance.
What are the areas that we have worked so far?
In managing the worlds biggest social sector program where the volume of business comes from 250+ connected banks and daily enrollments are in tens of thousands.
In assisting a group insurance program that we went live in weeks. Where customer is now planning 2 x growth just within 6 months of go live.
In assisting India’s largest non life insurer build and support a number of high potential customer specific digital channels that is yielding business in excess of 7 million a year.
Gradatim is currently implementing its product for India’s largest Life Insurer to manage their over 130 million group insurance customers.

So if you are on the lookout for a Partner who will hep with your growth, scale and digital transformation, we would be delighted.

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