Klink Finance lands $500k in pre-seed raise

Klink Finance lands $500k in pre-seed raise

Klink Finance, a gamified digital asset platform, has raised $500,000 in a recent pre-seed investment round.

Advice for raising a seed round of venture funding

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Welcome to Equity on Extra Crunch, a semi-regular series of interviews between the Equity crew and members of the technology and venture capital worlds, digging into topics that don’t quite fit into our regular programming.

As a podcast, Equity is turning three in just a few weeks. Extra Crunch is itself just over a year old. Bringing the two together, on occasion, makes good sense.

Today we have Cowboy Ventures’ Jomayra Herrera and Floodgate’s Iris Choi on hand for a host of questions. We dug into the rising demand from venture capitalists for efficient growth at startups, Series A prep for Seed-stage companies, the rising consumer-enterprise investing divide in Seed rounds, startup clusters, Seed valuations, and how rising financial power at BigTech companies may be distorting the pool of available startup founders (spoiler: don’t worry too much).

Why he regrets selling 30% equity in $200k pre seed round

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Run Of Show CEO Gil Gibli: Task Management Tools for Events & Restaurants … Visit them: www.runofshowapp.com

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If you guys are short on time, use these links to quickly browse Gil’s highlights with me:
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